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Car seats (must be new)
Children’s books (English & Spanish)
Crib mattress covers
Diapers sizes preemie - 6 months
Infant clothes preemie - 3 months
Laundry Soap
Maternity clothes
Period products
Personal hygiene products
Shampoo / Conditioner
Tooth brushes (adult & children)

Canned goods
Non-perishable items

Most popular items:
Canned beans
Canned chiles
Canned fruit
Canned meat
Canned soup
Canned stew
Canned vegetables
Canned whole peeled tomatoes
Cooking oil
Dry beans
Granola bars
Peppers in adobo sauce
Peanut butter
Pickled jalapeño peppers 
Snack foods

Children’s books (English & Spanish)
Cloth napkins
Cups Adult & Children

Accepting all types of baby carriers, new and used.

We gratefully accept tax-deductible donations to help us with our mission. Donate online.

Dear Supporters and Friends,

We are thrilled to welcome you to a one-of-a kind community space that is changing lives and nurturing strong, healthy families. At Monarch on 4th, we believe that every family deserves the opportunity to thrive and flourish, especially during the transformative phases of pregnancy, new parenthood, and early childhood. Your generous contributions can make a tangible difference in the lives of families in our community.

The Journey of Support

Your donations will directly impact families by enabling us to offer an array of essential services, including fertility education, childbirth classes, doula care, lactation support, yoga, babywearing, infant massage, and much more. By contributing, you are ensuring that families have access to these vital tools and knowledge, promoting their physical and emotional well-being during these critical life stages.

The Importance of Connection

Pregnancy, new parenthood, and raising young children can be isolating experiences. Too often, families struggle to find the necessary support and resources, leading to stress and challenges that can hinder their growth. Your support will help bridge this gap. At Monarch on 4th, we foster ongoing connections and friendships that extend beyond the immediate needs. Your donation will help us build a warm and inclusive web of support, ensuring families are never alone on their journey.

Why Your Contribution Matters

Your support goes directly to our community and enables us to continue providing quality care and nurturing relationships that are the bedrock of healthy family dynamics. Your generosity will directly impact the lives of parents and children, fostering an environment of love, knowledge, and empowerment that echoes through generations.

Join the Movement

We invite you to be part of this incredible journey towards connected families and healthy futures. Your donation, regardless of size, will create waves of change. Together, we can uplift families, empower parents, and build a stronger, more connected community.

Make a difference today by contributing to Monarch on 4th's "Connected Families, Healthy Families" program. Your investment in families is an investment in a brighter future for all.



Contact Us

Roslyn Burmood 541.760.3656

Miranda Tasker 619.642.8256


Monarch on 4th is funded by the Community Doula Program, Reconnections Counseling, JUST Care, Midvalley Nurture & Inter-Community Health Network.