Birth Attendance - CDP Services

Sometimes a client is hesitant or does not want a doula at their birth but may be interested in prenatal and/or postpartum services. The CDP respects the wishes of all clients and wants to make sure that the doulas in this program are prepared to address this situation in a way that is mutually respectful for themselves and the client.

There are two key points in addressing a situation like this and we have drafted corresponding mini-scripts for doulas (see below) to reference when discussing these key points with a prospective/current client. First, it is the client’s choice whether to have a doula and they are under no obligation to have a doula at their birth. Secondly, it is critical that the doula works with the client to develop a solid communication plan for the agreed services in which they will provide to the client.

General Scripts:

  1. As your doula, I want you to have a comfortable and positive birthing experience. It is your birth experience and you get to decide who is present and when. If you choose not to have me at your birth but would still like other services such as prenatal and/or postpartum care, I am happy to discuss what that might look like and what sort of support would be most beneficial for you.
  2. It is important that we have a solid communication plan in place so I can best serve you. When I plan to attend a client’s birth, I am “on-call” between 38 and 42 weeks – this means that I cannot go anywhere farther than an hour away from where you plan to deliver and that I must answer or quickly respond any time that you contact me. By the end of our last prenatal visit, we will establish the labor and delivery plan, so as your doula, I can prepare to serve you to the best of my ability. If you decide to have me at your birth, we will establish a communication plan so I can be in attendance and support you during labor and delivery. If you decide you would like a doula for prenatal and/or postpartum services only, I will not be on call for you, but we can schedule all the prenatal and postpartum visits in advance with some degree of flexibility depending on when you deliver.