A healthy community starts with a healthy birth

Connecting families with information and support during birth, pregnancy, and the early weeks of parenting through the care of a trained doula from your community.

Serving Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties.

All families deserve the supportive care of a CDP doula.

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"My husband knew what a doula was but had a lot of misconceptions as to what a doula did and what the doula’s role was. {Our doula} really helped open his eyes and broaden his understanding because I didn’t realize he had those misconceptions either. I thought he knew what I knew, which he didn’t. She really helped open his eyes as to what really was going to happen and what was really going on. He really appreciated her being there. He said multiple times he was glad she was there and experienced that with us."

"It was incredible. She was like a little guardian angel for me. I could text her at any moment of the day and time and I wouldn't feel awkward about it. When I was at the hospital I felt safe with her, and she helped me talk with the doctors which was a big deal because I have really bad anxiety, and so talking to doctors is hard, so having her there as my backbone was extremely helpful. She knew when to step in and she knew when to ask me if I was uncomfortable or ask me if I understood what they were talking about. She listened to everything, so if I forgot something she would already know it."

"[Prenatals were] really nice, it was relaxing, and we visited on and off not only about my pregnancy, but just about my life and everything and I felt relaxed visiting her, it did not feel like an appointment it just felt like I was visiting a friend or a family member and catching up on anything that's needed."

Meet the Doulas

All Community Doula Program (CDP) doulas exceed the State of Oregon's requirements for doula training and are supported by the CDP team. Our community of more than 50 trained doulas speak more than ten languages.

Am I Eligible?

This program provides free care to people living in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln counties with Medicaid, InterCommunity Health Network or Oregon Health Plan, health insurance. Click here to learn more and see if you are eligible.