Heidi Donahue

Heidi Donohue

Heidi Donahue


General Information

Job Title
Referral Coordinator


Onsite Monarch on 4th every Thursday from 9:30 - 4:30pm
9-5 Monday through Friday
Text is preferred

What I Do

Job Functions
* Culturally, socially, & linguistically match client referrals with CDP doulas.
** Speaks with client about CDP services, learns client preferences regarding culturally, socially, & linguistically matching
** Verifies client’s eligibility
**Identifies best doula match and contacts doula for availability
** Matches doula with client
** Emails referral
** Provides closed loop communication system for referrals
* Tracks and updates doulas desired workload
* Tracks doulas eligibility to accept clients
* Tracks and updates doulas attributes, service area, and preferences.
* Assists with new doula and mentor connection
* Assists with backup doula (after doula has reached out to people on insta-doula list and exhausted other options like reaching out to other doulas)